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    Music; turntables, analog playback, vinyl records; Prince; figure skating
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    works in hematology and oncology

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  1. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Every time Yuzuru skates it feels like having a glimpse of heaven and then peacefully descending back to Earth. It's as if he lays his soul bare on the ice for us to see. He makes music for the deaf to hear and paints art for the blind to see. With every single skate and program he tells us a chapter of his story and even allows us to become a part of it; and I will gladly wait to hear the whole story until the last chapter, the last paragraph, the very last word. I will steal those small peeks of heaven before it is my time to visit it, I will look at his beautiful soul, I will let his music serenade me and I will admire his art forever. Until the very end and beyond.

  2. Introductions

    Hey everyone! 

    My name's Christine, 21, and currently live in the US. I got into figure skating back in ....2016?? I think?? because Yuzuru's Sochi SP got recommended to me on youtube and I immediately spiraled down a rabbit hole haha. I don't skate myself although I have been meaning to for years now... never found the time though :( 

    I've been in and out of the figure skating fandom ever since (with a lot of unfortunate life stuff getting in the way), but I've always kept up with Yuzuru's skates at least. My biggest wish is to see him live in competition at least once... with the season going on during the school year plus $$ reasons, this has yet to happen rip

    Anyway, I thought I'd join this forum because I talk my roommate's ear off about Yuzuru and I'm pretty sure she's sick and tired of it LOL  

    Excited to talk to so many other Yuzuru fans! 


    PS, I made a fanvideo back in 2017 that I still think holds up pretty well if you guys care to check it out haha (sorry if I'm being obnoxious by promoting myself lmao): 


  3. Fanart


  4. Fanart

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful Sakura Fairy! :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

  5. fanart


  6. otonal serbian comm
    General Yuzuru Chat
    10 minutes ago, yuzuonice said:

    I made English subs for Serbian commentary of Yuzuru's SP

    There's the FS available too, but it's a different commentator whose commentary I didn't like that much :'D


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