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  1. Are there videos for Yuzuru/Rika/Satoko? How do we know of their single axels/crazy weird SP/ "slapping" step sequence?
  2. BRB, going to try this one out.
  3. So they just translated? I was very confused lol. I thought you randomly spoke to them in Portuguese and then edited your post later.
  4. How did you quote Fay in Portuguese?
  5. Which song did Yuzuru skate to when he did that Y-Spiral? This thread moved too fast for me
  6. Satoko's step sequence "slaps" apparently. Are there fancams?
  7. You can't disagree with my being fine with it. but I'm fine with you not being fine with it
  8. Well... https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/05/24/figure-skating/satoko-miyahara-enhances-benoit-richauds-growing-influence-japan/#.XOg4vRZ_WaM
  9. The Shibs won't be back this season, either. I like them, and they are very skilled, but I am fine with it. I didn't always care for their skating.
  10. I always end up reading "satton" as "Satan", and so I went "Well, that's your own fault".
  11. I, too, wish more had taken part Especially because I want to see more "older" ID and Pairs to learn more about it, because ID as it currently is I find insufferable, and S/H are currently the only ones I like watching in Pairs (although I hope again Boikova/Kozlovskii develop well).
  12. Might I remind you guys that the ISU came up with the genius for last season. I think they have very poor editors and proofreaders (along with all their other issues).
  13. It's percussion, so they might have just wanted to mix in a variety of rhythms for more texture. I'm not worried about it, although of course bad cuts are ubiquitous in skating.
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