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  1. Ugh I have been restraining myself from buying these photo books but I don’t know If I can stop myself any more!! Is Amazon.jp still shipping to Canada it is it gonna take a long time to arrive? Or should I wait till I have a chance to go to Japan again (obviously not sure when that can happen given the COVID situation). The books are heavy tho so maybe better to have them shipped?
  2. Talking about how smart Yuzu is regarding his studies (straight A student), in this old video around 5:00 minute mark, it is really interesting to see that he uses the colour coding in his study notes (red = answer or important things, blue = question, green = his own thoughts after listening to the lecture). It seems like he is the type of student who truly digests and internalizes the material and almost re-thinks concepts into his own way? (Rather than most students who tend to just try to remember or regurgitate the material). I think that’s why he can be those type of people who maybe does not need to use a lot of time to study. (this type of classmates are annoying! Coz I would be so jealous of them) Also, I have a headache looking at those math formulas in his university handout! He is such a smart kid! Also, all those skating notebooks at time 24:00 in the video - imagine getting your hands on those! The ultimate handbook of figure skating volumes 1 to 5 (and counting). (Warning: NHK 2017 injury footage starting around 42:00 minutes)
  3. Figure skating itself should be both artistic and technical - a figure skater should strive to have both. Therefore the judging should be based on who can combine these two the best. Separating them is like judging a cooking competition for taste and presentation separately....so a cook can win for presentation and the food can taste like sh**. Or the food can taste great but look like sh**. It just doesn’t make any sense! A skater should work towards having the complete package. That’s the beauty of this sport. If the current judging is fixed then they wouldn’t need to make this stupid change (and Yuzu would be the winner).
  4. My ring tone is Haru yo koi! It’s also my alarm tone (so, I wake up every day to the calming and hopeful tune of this song )
  5. This old video popped up in my YouTube suggestions today and it was interesting to watch it again! It’s also related to Worlds 2017 so the topic is kinda “current” and so I thought I would post it here Interesting bits: Yuzu said that his surroundings changed a lot after he won his first OGM (as in, he got so much more famous and more support from people), and thought that if he wins his second OGM, things wouldn’t change that much because he had already won one - TOTALLY WRONG Nobu was so cute gushing over Yuzu’s photogenic small face and pale skin Nobu’s jump demos were really good! Didn’t know Nobu was an enabler for 4A
  6. 2019 Skate Canada Men’s FS was a nice event! Yuzu brought the house down and then Nam was able to carry the energy till the end. We also got a good skate from Sherlock Holmes Keiji. The victory ceremony was cute too, with Yuzu-Keiji wedding, Yuzu-Nam interactions, and shy Yuzu with flower crown!
  7. What time will the last group of men be, for the FS? Not sure if I can wake up for the first groups....
  8. Oh thanks for posting Roman’s clip and Jason’s interview ! They made my day!
  9. Ok I finally voted - after struggling for 1 day. I rewatched the Skate Forward video and decided to vote for Seimei, because Yuzu has put this as the last program, even though chronologically it shouldn’t be the last (but he put Chopin in its chronological place). I think Seimei doesn’t only mean something iconic for Yuzu, but it is iconic of him for the Japanese public. It has a powerful message to his Japanese people. That’s why I voted for Seimei, even though I also absolutely love Chopin and Olympic Chopin was the one which made me first fell in love with Yuzu.
  10. But Yuzu will still look the same coz he just doesn’t age!
  11. Where’s our Kose beauty blogger?!
  12. Seeing these 4CC magazine covers is making me feel so thankful that 4CC could be held before all this mess got way worse, so that Yuzu could get his super slam and end his season on a positive note and finding the sense of “skating for himself”, rather than the disappointment of Japanese nationals!
  13. I would HAVE TO vote for Seimei, that’s probably the most iconic Yuzuru Hanyu program. Can we have a vote for third place? So that bb Romeo can at least have a bronze medal?
  14. I agree that 4CC Chopin is probably the most perfect version ever, however Olympics Chopin has such a sentimental component to it. Same as @river, Oly Chopin was what made me became a Yuzu fan. Therefore, I would HAVE TO choose it. Sorry 4CC Chopin - I still love you very much!
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