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  1. I got an email on September 9 with links to the PDF of my “print at home” tickets. One link for each “session” (e.g. Friday morning, Friday afternoon) even though I bought an all-event ticket
  2. It’s a very interesting interview, thanks for sharing! The part starting around 20:50 where he talks about skating injured at the Nagano Olympics and how his everything (body, mind, spirit) totally let go and released after the free skate, it made me think of Yuzu and how Yuzu looked like he was going to collapse after getting his free skate score at the kiss and cry. It made me realize once again his herculean effort to win at Pyeong Chang
  3. Can you add me to the sightseeing group too? not sure if I will hang out at the rink all day but I would like to know what’s going on and join if I can! Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I am thinking about getting a pair of binoculars, since my seat is quite far away (row T on the long side). Any recommendations? I want a pair that is compact and not too heavy, but still works well for figure skating comp. thanks a lot!
  5. My airbnb is around 30 minute walk from the venue (1.4 km). My host has a bike that I can use for free but I am not sure if it will be safe to bike at night. So worse case I will walk. There are also buses but they seem to be quite infrequent (for example, Bus #5 which would be the best for me runs every hour). So I guess I will see how it goes....
  6. I can’t justify spending more money than my crappy all-event pass, so I will also refrain from buying singles now, and will be on the watch out for cheaper resales later..... But, is row T section 102 really that bad? I mean, Saitama is probably bigger and one would feel very lucky to even win a lottery for Saitama tickets, any seat? (Can you tell I am trying to console myself?!) Plus, I can probably feel the distance of the jump more when I am high up there and Yuzu jumps the 4A? *cough*
  7. I also bought a row T ticket during the first hour if he all-event presale.... not sure what I want to do now. Maybe I will just look at the sales around lunch time (which is around 2 hours after today’s sale opens) and perhaps not many good seats will be left by then which will make me feel a bit better! I would have to do work related stuff before lunch anyway.
  8. Can they really have better seats available for single session tickets, than whatever’s left over from the all event tickets?! Sorry I am a newbie so I don’t know, is this a common thing with figure skating tickets? It just seems so wrong, I haven’t seen this in other sports for example tennis tickets!
  9. I am ordering Yuzu’s DVD from Amazon Japan but just wondering if anyone knows what are the differences between the regular one versus the special edition (with logo sticker)? regular one, blu-Ray is 8329 yen special one, blu-Ray is 10270 yen thanks!! also I think HMV japan is cheaper as a member but I can’t figure out how to enter a non-japan address when joining membership...
  10. So, a quad-quad combo is not valid for SP according to the rules? Just saying...
  11. Just to say that I also love the new costume, it is so regal and mythical! I didn’t like the white feathers on Origin 1.0 and would rather all the feathers be black (or gold) I love how Yuzu is (politely) calling the judging out, and declaring that he is not going anywhere and is prepared to fight all evils! Smart move to drop a hint about Beijing 2022 too. This is one of Yuzu’s quote (sorry I don’t know how to embed a tweet): “(I want to think about ) how to approach competitions, and there are new matters that must be contemplated. I shall analyze them properly, then response in my own manner” I wonder if the “new matters”’he is thinking of = the judging robbery and ISU’s blatant push to show him the door. LOL at “I shall analyze them properly then response in my own manner”. Oh, I want to be a fly on the TTC skating rink’s wall!
  12. Just wondering, what would Yuzu’s FS score have been, if those phantom URs were not called? Just want to have an idea of what score he actually deserved for this performance. would anyone here be able to calculate?
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