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  1. Lost everything as well... Am currently searching for resales now
  2. Not at all. I personally have tickets for ladies not men so I’m going anyway and if mens tickets come up even if it’s the day before the competition I’ll immediately take them
  3. I, too, would love to take up your extras if you have any Good luck to all~
  4. I see @yuzuangel I’d be interested but I just realized March 21 is SP hahahahh if you want someone to share with for FS or gala though hit me up
  5. Is Viagogo really reliable? I haven’t heard many good things..
  6. Oh! I meant: can I apply again tomorrow and the next day etc. until the 21st? Good thing I first applied all event. So I’ve just applied 2 for both SP and FS. Fingers crossed!
  7. Ahh finally!! I accidentally applied for only 1 ticket as well. Can I cancel the lottery and apply again? And can I apply again on each day? Thank you so much PHPH! I wouldn't get anywhere without you guys
  8. Unrelated question: Can I watch the competition in sports bars or restaurants in Japan? Or are there usually any public viewings?
  9. It was like that for my Olys ticket. I paid in full and got it through snail mail. But for this one the seller asked for payment in two installments. To quote them: “..half of the total amount as deposit and the other half upon receipt of the tickets..” which sounds very reasonable to me. Also I think I might ask to get the ticket in person if possible because I don’t really trust my country’s postal system
  10. I will definitely be waiting for the foreign round, but I have literally no expectations for that
  11. Is it unrealistic to expect tickets to free up close to the date? Just bought ladies (secondhand, thanks to SparkleSalad for the heads-up!) but I wish I could at least see Otonal or the Gala... Also, are photos and videos allowed during competition?
  12. twizzlesandturns

    2018 Winter Olympics Tickets

    where did you find the information on bus reservations? is the website available in english?
  13. twizzlesandturns

    2018 Winter Olympics Tickets

    Hi. I've got a question. Are secondhand tickets definitely safe? I'm talking about the issue of the other person's name being on the ticket. Are IDs not checked when entering the stadium?