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  1. I dunno what Yuzu's English writing skills are like but I'm Very Confident saying he will know how to spell Olympic forward, backward and sideways. He'll have noticed.
  2. Coffee is breakfast, right? (You should be having lunch lol)
  3. Look at that ankle, all supporting him and everything. HEAL, ANKLE!
  4. I'm just like... What was I thinking, of course he can overcome anything he wishes to overcome!
  5. Amazing how half an hour of Yuzu is like sunshine breaking through the dark clouds that have shrouded my perspective of the whole sport for the last few weeks.
  6. Ahh I'm so squish right now. How charming is he? Be happy, Yuzu. We will support you no matter how much you worry us.
  7. Well I hope the photographers have quick fingers and caught that!
  8. He is so loved, this boy. Take that with you when you go back to the cave, Yuzu!
  9. I've no idea what she's saying but I assume she's saying wonderful things about Yuzu so I'm nodding along in full agreement.
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