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  1. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's just a little funny how the Russian articles about Yuzu is so much higher in quality than American / CBC ones, even though most Yuzu materials are subbed in English. The Russians managed to point out his strengths, his character, what he is good at, and appreciate him for that across the biggest news platforms, among coaches and fans, even among people who don't skate. Here's Yuzu's intro card at Rostelecom Cup. Beats me if he ever gets this kind of description in US. 


    Like you wouldn't see US Football directors telling his players "Yuzu's popularity cannot be explained by his talent alone. He has the strength and the character for that, and we should be like him tomorrow for our competition" like the Russian director did.  None of their biggest news agencies talked about Pooh. 


    Here's some compiled comments from the figure skating community, and here's some compiled comments from the fans.  Yagudin and TAT both recognised that he is smart and reacted quickly when he failed to perform 4T-3T by attaching -1eu-3S instead, the Japanese TV analysed the changes in his FS layouts, and all CBC / US can think about his fans is poohs and controversial tweets. 

  2. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    I translated the whole excerpt from the Chinese source, please let me know if there's any better translations I can put in! 

    https://yuzuru-hanyu-central.tumblr.com/post/179628174489/team-brian-translations-yuzurus-tribute-to     [twitter link]


    Brian Orser’s father passed away on 3rd March 2017, he didn’t tell anyone about it, and continued to work at TCC as if nothing happened. 


    “Yuzuru seemed to notice something different about me, which is quite remarkable. Usually during practice, Yuzuru is very focused on himself, paying attention to the training content, his own body, or the techniques, so during practice he wouldn’t normally talk with other skaters or rest. But at that time, Yuzuru would observe my expression and empathise with me. Yuzuru had been through the earthquake disaster in Japan, perhaps that’s why he is so sensitive to others’ loss. So at that time as I felt heavy-hearted, Yuzuru felt the same, and he’d watch me from far away as I secretly grieve/let out a sigh. 


    At the beginning, I thought Yuzuru’s sensitivity was my own imagination, after all I was so upset that my worldview changed. More importantly, for Yuzuru and Javier, the World Championships before the Olympic Games is approaching, and our conversations would revolve around the competition. For Yuzuru, winning the title of the the Defending World Champion before the Olympics is very important, and Yuzuru really did it. I’m so proud of him. There’s nothing better than this leading to the Olympic Games. 


    Both of them participated in the gala. Usually I’d leave early without watching the gala, but this time I watched both their performances at the rink site. 


    Yuzuru’s exhibition is the swan-themed “Notte Stellata”. It’s choreographed by David Wilson, one of our choreographers in Team Brian, for the jumps there’s only a single axel and a triple axel. It’s done such that everyone will be able to enjoy Yuzuru’s gorgeous skating, it’s a stunning program. The program depicts a dying swan spreading its wings once again, till that day Yuzuru skated it with the image of the recovery of the disaster area in mind. That day, Yuzuru portrayed a white swan that is more beautiful and gentle than any other. 


    Later, something surprising happened. After the performance, Yuzuru returned to the rink site, and told me “I was thinking about Brian’s father while skating”. 


    Yuzuru performed a tribute to my late father. I was surprised that Yuzuru who usually doesn’t talk much, expressed condolence to my father with such clarity. From this program, he conveyed the message to me so that I can cheer up/pull myself together again. For me, who still haven’t gotten over my father’s death, that moment brought a very big change from the bottom of my heart. 


    It’s been 6 years since I worked with Yuzuru as a coach and student. I thought that we understood each other and formed the strongest team, but this was the first time it made me feel that Yuzuru is actually supporting me by my side. 


    The 2nd Olympic Games that Yuzuru will face together with me is approaching in 10 months. For the upcoming Olympic Games, I’ve resolved from the bottom of my heart, that no matter how difficult things may come in our way, I will stride forward with Yuzuru. 


    Of course I never would’ve thought that I would experience such an epic Olympic season. Not just as a coach - as a friend, a human being, I will promise to support Yuzuru the best I can.”




    Some Weibo comments that I thought was heartfelt: 


    "People often talk about empathy, it seemed like it's a psychological term. A person who is sensitive, would gently, silently think about you, they won't rush up to you to comfort you, but they would show their concern through their actions. Someone who doesn't make you feel smothered at all, he might really be an angel, else how would every fibre of him show such kindness and gentleness." 


    "Those who are sensitive are often fragile, as a protect mechanism they often isolate themselves when they are sad, but never once did he ignore the distress of those around him. A twenty-plus year old person, from where did he get so much love and kindness..." 



    Thank you @sweetwater for suggesting some translation improvements! 




    My thoughts on the matter: 


    10 minutes ago, Salior said:

    Yuzu expressed his concern for his superior in the most thoughtful manner - he knew that Brian didn't want to talk about it, and perhaps it was not Yuzu's place, nor will it be effective for him to comfort Brian since he is not Brian's equal. Brian could've felt guilty that his grieving led people, especially his students, to be worried about him, and hide his emotions more. That's why Yuzu didn't call him out, but quietly watched Brian from afar, to give him personal space to grieve. 


    And when the time is right, Yuzu showed that he cares for Brian, by still thinking about Brian's father weeks after, and dedicating a skate to him. When most people would've forgotten about Brian's father after a simple expression of condolence, or pretended to busy themselves in the competition when they don't know how to make Brian feel better. 


    But Yuzu is different - he knows not to confront Brian on such a personal, sensitive matter as a student, and he knows not to sweep Brian's plight under the carpet just because it's sensitive, because Brian's father still matters to Brian, even if he didn't talk about it. Yuzu showed that what's important to Brian is important to him too, and that's probably the most touching way to show another person that you care about him as a human. 


    I am like 15 months younger than Yuzu, and I would never have thought of such a mature way to handle others' grief. Yuzu awes me every day, when I thought he couldn't be any more wonderful, I am surprised with information others share about him. How he expressed kindness when no one is watching, how he encouraged his juniors even in private occasions. He is just too beautiful for this world. 


  3. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    3 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:


    I've read the first section and ended up buying the ebook.

    I'm going to read it tonight and got a feeling I need another box of tissues...:sadPooh:


    You may be reading it right now :tumblr_inline_mqt4graWWO1qz4rgp:


    I ran to the book store nearby to buy it this morning.

    I was so surprised (or even shocked) to know the whole training during the rehabilitation as well as the practice at PC

    (the first 15 minute practice, etc )were planned by Yuzu himself without any involvement of Brian.

    I had imagined Brian advised him, but no, it wasn't. It was planned cautiously by Yuzu's strategic mind.

    Also, according to Brian, Yuzu had never skated perfect Ballade No.1 after starting again his training in January.

    I still can't believe how come Yuzu could manage to skate clean short program at the most important moment of his life! 



  4. [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in SHIZUOKA
    [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in SHIZUOKA
    2 hours ago, bsshka said:

    oh, yeah, it was me:xD: Well, I'm not planning to delete it on purpose, but I have too little space in my mega so guess it'll be great if smb could reupload))

    ok, I'll see if I can re-upload the others too, for now let's start with this



    Mega link to 2018 FaOI Shizuoka Day 1

    Key:  :68271262:




  5. Media Day 2018
    Media Day 2018

    @holina Its gonna be fun and stress at the same time. I hope you can enjoy it ^^


    8 minutes ago, Yatagarasu said:


    Ah goodness when I remember the discussions over that one.

    It's amazing! But I can't see anything. It's amazing! But we can't see anything! Back and forth, back and forth .... until PPOS happened. 


    Oh dear my jaw dropped after he take off his *white* jacket. And later there's a tweet " First 4lo in history landed by a ghost".  Such an experience  :laughing:. Yuzuru's costume reveal is one of my favourite moment in FS for sure :rock:

  6. Media Day 2018
    Media Day 2018

    About who sharpens his blades, here's an article.


    According to the 2008 Sendai Keizai Newspaper Mr. Yoshida, husband of Nanami sensei, used to be an employee for an electric/electronic company.  He decided to help his wife by sharpening the blades for her students and opened the skating goods shop “NICE” in Sendai in 2002 near Ice Link Sendai.  He has the great skill of doing the maintenance job of the outer and inner blades to the millimeter precision customizing to each skater’s tendency the requests.  In Japan there are only handful experts who can skillfully work on the skating blades for edge maintenance, and some coaches do the job themselves. 


    (Perhaps watching his wife sharpening her students’ blades he decided to help her because working on the sharp edge has the risk of cutting hand.) 


    In order to learn the skills he read books in English, practiced sharpening all the blades of the rental boots at the ice link. Today because of his high skills he receives requests from all over Japan.   Yoshida says “Hanyu senshu pays particular attention to his boots more than any other skaters, and gives me many detailed requests.   It goes to show how dedicated he is about skating.” 


    Yoshida has a sharpening machine exclusively customized for Hanyu senshu to meet his specific requests at millimeter precision.  However one time he adjusted his blades on his own.  In 2010 Hanyu senshu won junior world champion.  Shortly before the competition he requested Yoshida to deepen the groove more and more.  Yoshida worried that deeper grooves would cause additional burden on knees and legs, and instead making the grooves shallower each time without telling him.  Hanyu senshu later learned the truth and appreciated him for his care and control.


    Even after moving to Canada in 2012 spring, Hanyu senshu continues to ask Yoshida to take care of the blades by bringing his boots to his shop while in Japan or sending the boots by parcel.

    Hanyu senshu says “I once got a professional in Canada to work on the blades, but afterwards I could no longer jump.  I fully realized how well he has been doing his job exactly as I wanted.”

  7. Media Day 2018
    Media Day 2018

    Here's the full SPARK segment on Yuzu


  8. Media Day 2018
    Media Day 2018


  9. Media Day 2018
    Media Day 2018

    Plushy and Johnny when hearing Yuzu will do tribute to their programs:


  10. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Google Drive has been driving me crazy, but I have finally got the Heroes and Future show from the weekend up: let me know if the link doesn't work?



  11. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    For me, Yuzu is an artist and Yuzu himself is a part of his art. It is like 'body art' that he expresses his art through his own body/movements. He creates a world with his performance and us/the audience get to see the world through him. His performance triggers many emotions within my mind as his body moves in a way that I can only describe it as an emotional stimulant (yep, he's a highly addictive drug to me).  Also his musicality enables his audience to feel the music through him. When he performed Ballade No.1 at PC, the entire audience in the arena as well as the people watching TV must have felt the music. He became the music. Yuzu has said in one of the press cons after PC that figure skating is an art based on sound technicality or something like that. Correct technique itself contains beauty within. When you see something is correctly carried out, you feel satisfied. That satisfaction makes you feel good mentally as well as physically in a way. His performance pushes my senses to make me feel what is there. 


    I've heard Japanese commentators said this more than few time when Yuzu skated one of those mesmerising performances or broke WR and that is 「この青年はどこまで私達に夢を見させてくれるのでしょう」it can be translated "How far can this young man make us dream". It is like we are in the realm of dreams that keeps weaving dreams after dreams (occasionally nightmares...) 


    All his other attributes like great communicator, hugely talented athlete, adorable/dorky character, gorgeous looks, quaky/ otaku side, hard worker, (I can carry on but I'm running out of time...), that works like 'layers' of his charms. I was also really impressed with his communication skill at the press cons after PC. His speech showed his wisdom. He is not just a clever boy but he truly is a wise man.

    All these are included in the whole package. He has many qualities that people can relate to as well as be inspired by. 


    Yuzu at 24hr TV showed his continual effort towards supporting the disaster region. I've also watched today's (Aug 27th) Every news show (the one that someone posted a Jpn TV guide with HANYU SP SHOW written on). The contents were almost the same as 24hr TV Yuzu segment but it had few more footage from his visit to Naraha town. I loved watching Yuzu among the people who appreciate him as a person not Yuzuru Hanyu the figure skating superstar. He uses his star power to bring attentions of people to where it's needed. He can create Hanyuconomy to support them as well. But beyond that, Yuzu visited there in person. The school visit, the crafts class visit and the ice show. His busy schedule means time is really precious and yet, he went there to show his support. He talked to the school kids encouraging them to grow up to become someone who can support their home town directly through their action. His compassion is something I didn't know when I fell for him initially but became one of the reasons I respect and follow him now. 


    The conclusion: He's got it ALL!!

  12. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    5 hours ago, lazuliblade said:

    So this may be a long shot asking but....someone in my rabbit said that Lorando's Youtube upload of "Haru yo, Koi" had a mega link with the video being in sync.....would anyone happen to have that link? His video got taken down..... It drives me crazy that even the FujiTV download wasn't in sync, so I can't even watch the file I have. I'm still relying on that one person's tweets where the program is in two parts.

    I'll start working on downloading the Kobe broadcast if I can get FujiTV to cooperate with me. For some reason it's not letting me view the video player correctly.


    Lorando's Haru yo, Koi HD cut:


  13. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Here's the file for the show: https://mega.nz/#!fOYGWIKC
    and the decryption key: !Nv-F278xmSVGwxLll1O4-fRpsYquUVo6J0z-o2bsyYs


    Hopefully it works. :201111231756430f6:



    And now I should probably sleep since it's nearly 8am and I've been up all night because of this beautiful man. :tumblr_m33wn9Iuo91qdlkyg:

  14. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    29 minutes ago, lazuliblade said:

    So this may be a long shot asking but....someone in my rabbit said that Lorando's Youtube upload of "Haru yo, Koi" had a mega link with the video being in sync.....would anyone happen to have that link? His video got taken down..... It drives me crazy that even the FujiTV download wasn't in sync, so I can't even watch the file I have. I'm still relying on that one person's tweets where the program is in two parts.

    I'll start working on downloading the Kobe broadcast if I can get FujiTV to cooperate with me. For some reason it's not letting me view the video player correctly.

    This one just posted is perfectly in-sync as well. Although Lorando's was 1080p. Not sure of the resolution of this one since I just watched it on my phone. 


  15. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE


  16. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Video with skater interviews, and another perfectly synced video of Haru Yo Koi



  17. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    :animated-smileys-hello-22: I found a 480p version if anyone's interested:


    ETA: Pino (https://twitter.com/yuzu_pino) has the two-day ABC report up. Not sure about her sharing policy, so I'm not posting the direct video link here. Different angles!!! 1080p!!! :tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp:

  18. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE




  19. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Finally finished reading the whole thread! It was fun reading all the reactions to the show and the discussions about Haru yo Koi.


    Although I skipped the streaming party because I was too sleepy and tired to say anything in English, I watched the broadcast live, sometimes falling asleep and getting awakened by sudden changes of the music.


    I got nervous watching Nobu and Johnny's collaboration pieces wondering how they would be received by the non-Japanese audience, but relieved by some of your favorable comments. I am not so young, but not necessarily pleased by old songs used in FaOI. There are some old songs that I still love, but I don't need to hear them in an ice show unless they go well with the skating and I think that quite a few Japanese fans are thinking the same. I want to applaud the skaters who somehow pulled off skating to the songs which could be difficult for them to relate to!


    My highlights among the newly introduced programs except for Yuzu's were the collaboration piece by Aljona and Bruno and the pair skating by Stephane and Deniss. The former was simply beautiful, and the latter was interesting. I think Deniss is not necessarily a skater who can pull off everything Stephane does, but in that program, their difference makes me imagine the stories behind the program.


    My first impression of Haru yo Koi was "Ahhhh it's beautiful but too short!" The costume, the choreography, the music, his interpretation, everything was a bit different from what I expected but all beautiful. However, it passed me by so quickly that I could not take hold of it. But as I learned the choreography by rewatching it again and again, it started to feel less short. On the contrary, it started digging deep into my heart. It was captivating. I mean all the details of the program. The way he opened his eyes to the light. The way he looked up while he was gliding on his left foot as if he were floating on a wind. The spin completely in sync with the music, and how he was smiling after it, while he was dancing to the music picking up the tempo. The hydroblading so, so close to the ice. The Walley jump which was light but bouncy. The delayed axel which was like a declaration. The Ina Bauer and the last spin in which he looked like laughing with his whole body. (By the way, I think he’s been doing curved IB since 2013, for example, in R&J 2.0 and POTO)


    I've read about the comparison between Requiem and this program. I won't decide which is my favorite. I only think that both are violently beautiful. Seen in high definition footage, I thought he looked more like cherry petals than a bird. To me, cherry blossom is not only a symbol of a warm, comfortable season but a violent phenomenon triggered by harsh winter and a hint of warmth after that. It changes the scenery in a short time then leaves in haste with a storm, leaving wild green instead of a trace of pink. I think I’ve seen a soul stepped into such violently changing scenery and then transformed himself into a violently alive flower itself.


    This time the 3Lo didn't have much flow after landing, but if he lands it more beautifully after he gets fully recovered, the impression of the program would be a bit different. I assume the choreography itself will change in each show, so I can't wait to see another performance and hope he will continue using this program outside of this tour too.

  20. [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    while I write my emotional essay re: Yuzu's program, I bring you the whole FaOI 2018 Kobe (it says video is being processed but download works)


  21. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Kiyozuka san's comment on today's performance:
    "I wonder why. Sometimes I can talk with skaters with my piano and their movement. Don't know how it happens but it feels so nice. At the end of the program, I saw Yuzu chan in spite of myself thinking wow, we were really in sync, weren't we?  and I found Yuzu chan was looking at me too, so I was convinced. (that such thing could happen) In a sense, this is more stimulating than collaborating with music!" (Maybe he meant to say musician instead of music)


  22. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    2 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

    Plushy 3T then Plushy and Yuzu pointed at each other and Yuzu did 4T.


    Someone help with the rest? ^_^;



    Gokuri-san is so fast! 



    The first one: At the opening, Plushy did 3T then him & Yuzu pointed at each other then Yuzu did 4T. いきなりガッツリ会場中の魂奪われたよね meaning right from the beginning, all these moves surely took audience breath away (well it says taken their 魂/souls but that's just an expression so...) Kobe's audience is heating up pretty hot. And the last one referring to Plushy checked his jump in the dark and OP said Zhenya is Zhenya. Because he's not satisfied with himself as he was not in the top shape yesterday.


    The first pic is for opening: Yuzu held out his arm to Plu-sama then he did a beautiful 4T landed very close to the edge (ギリギリ) of the rink. Skating with Mai then changed partner to Caro. The middle one is his finishing pose of air-guitar. Also he was swinging his arms in the dark (暗転で腕ブンブン). Yuzu and Javi (?) exited together (ハビちゃん?と寄りそってハケました). The bottom from left to right are all the other skaters including Oda-san is the greatest (おださ〜ん最高). Miki did Cleopatra, etc etc.


    The second pic is for Sasha's MJ program (from Top left right): Sasha did half A, MJ impression, quick spin.

    Middle from left to right: Caro with mature charm:68468287:, Lambiel did MJ too, Tessa & Scott Moulin Rouge, the last Sasha high five with his dad then the dad picked him up then exited. 第一部終了(The first part finished) タマシイ/魂 (souls) leaving people.


    The last post: Day2 part 1 finished. My seat today is a jump seat! Lots of beautiful jumps right before my eyes. Thought I was dreaming yesterday but today I've seen a lot of ab-flash. (Yuzu's) last pose was air-guitar. In the dark, he's swinging his arms then skated toward Javi (?) then exited together.  Baby Sasha did MJ again today and he's great! The expression on his dad's face was also great!


    So we've seen many teasers but not a real picture of Yuzu as freezer bagged Goldeen  Cherry Blossom Fairy or 天女(angel/heavenly lady)...

    WHY KOBE? WHY YOU DO DIS TO US...:13877886:

  23. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE


  24. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE


  25. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE
    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    has this been shared ?

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