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  1. It's funny, 'cause yes, if you look at Javi's scores alone (not talking about that questionable UR now), they are okay. But when you look at Samarin's after that... Honestly, I don't know how they could give him 42 in SP, that SP is c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y empty. I was shocked watching it at arena, like, just preparation for elements and elements themselves. How could such program get 42? So if Samarin got 42, Javi should have got about 50, which is impossible. Judging was really weird...
  2. Aw-w, the video is so sweet and warm *__* Thank you for uploading! Finnish TV did a great job
  3. Can anyone help Mr. Prins? He's interested in Ice Scope, but everything is in Japanese.
  4. ... but there are countries which didn't sign Universal Copyright Convention. So theoretically if a website is under jurisdiction of such country laws, copyright owners could block it "outside" only? But it'd be hella expensive all the same, even if doable.
  5. I've heard that JSF restricts jpn skaters on quantity of their ads, but nothing about ANA doing anything like that.
  6. He did carry Javi's and Nam's plushy tissue-boxes. But Javi and Nam hadn't them for long, if my memory serves me right.
  7. Javi is in Madrid already If he really comes to Europeans, then probably with his Olympic programs, I guess. But his FS should have been shorten already 'cause of Japan Open?
  8. So is he training or missing training? Anyway, probably having a good time.
  9. It wasn't the case in the past years, so hardly worth waiting. And not all skaters did announcements, afaik, Gabrielle and Guillaume even said that they has no intention to tell music before competitions. So each team decides what way is better for them.
  10. Javi has a show in Shanghai on 16th of September (SOI), but it has nothing to do with Brian and Tracy's trip.
  11. Chris sounds like it was Kana who initiated their split... But what happened? Like, two weeks ago they were announced to take part in Carnival on Ice, so it should have been fine back then?
  12. Oh no They made such a progress - and split? It's so sad...
  13. Not sure that this is the right place, but... Well, this season Europeans will take place in Minsk, Belarus, and just today the news arrived that visa free time (for foreigners arriving to Belarus through national airport ) is extended up to 30 days http://belarusfeed.com/belarus-visa-free-30-days/ So, if anyone wants to see Javi's presumably last competition, they don't have to apply for visa when arriving by air (but not through Russia as there isn't border control between Russia and Belarus).
  14. It's crashing since yesterday actually. Maybe it means they're trying to add GP assignments there, but failing?
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