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  1. Young Yuzu at public ice rink
    General Yuzuru Chat
    2 hours ago, CiONTUw4A said:

    Has this been shared?

    From 00:55~



    Woah... imagine casually going through your old photos/videos and finding Yuzu inside 😱

  2. YuzuruSkatingJapan2020 (Covid)
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Please appreciate these masterpieces in their original forms :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

    Edit: Google Drive links for a compiled video of the original

    Also another side-by-side video


  3. Autobiographies translations
    Magazines and Photobooks - Recommendations and Reviews
    2 hours ago, Corina said:

    Heyy I wanna buy some magazines with yuzu but there are so many and idk which ones would be the best

    I don’t know japanese so I’m looking just for photos

    Can anyone help me?☺️

    Hi, if you only want photos I highly recommend his photobooks (ICE JEWELS SEASON PTB, YUZURU 1 & 2, SPIRIT PROGRAM). Yuzu also published 3 autobiographies (Aoi Honoo 1 & 2, Yume wo Ikiru) which I also recommend all fans as there are many great photos and all the royalties will be donated to his homerink! Don't hesitate from Japanese as both Aoi Honoo 1 & 2 got full translation (Book 1 trans & book 2 trans).


    I made an (updating) list of preview videos & Amazon JP links of "should buy" Yuzu's magazines and photobooks (mostly Yuzu's photos with little text) here:



    You can also check Sally's post below for more recommendation:


    On 3/4/2020 at 12:34 AM, sallycinnamon said:


    It's really hard to choose from all those beautiful magazines :59227c768286a__s: but some that I like a lot and I could recommend:


    - DX magazine, this is the latest issue. This magazine often has over 90% Yuzu content, great pictures too 

    - Figure Skate Magazine (x), this magazine has the transcripts of Yuzu interviews from competitions, it also has great amount of Yuzu content with good quality pictures of him, and usually 2 two-sided posters

    - Ice Jewels magazine (latest issue is here) is always a great choice, it has interviews with Yuzu, also very good quality pictures. Ice Jewels also releases Yuzu's season photobook every summer (it has Nobuaki Tanaka's pictures), I can highly recommend those! I also liked the PyeongChang Special Issue of Ice Jewels (no gala pictures though).

    - Kiss and Cry magazine is also good (this issue has posters in it too - I managed to put the Origin poster on the wall just a day before Yuzu's program change was published on his ISU bio :D . Never mind, it's a great poster:


      Reveal hidden contents



    - This photobook is more pricey but has beautiful pictures of Yuzu from his novice season until season 2017/2018 (and it says the author is Yuzu himself?). It is one of my favourites.

    - Yuzuru I and II with photos of Sunao Noto are also worth buying 

    - Dancin' on the edge 2 - Yuzu'll be back is also a beautiful photobook that it is worth buying

    - I haven't bought Figure Skaters magazine for a long while, some say the quality of pictures aren't that good in some of the latest issues, but it's a big magazine (A3 size I think?), with over lots of Yuzu pictures and often posters


    Not magazines but Yuzu's autobiographies, Aoi Honoo 1 and 2 ("Blue Flame" 1 and 2) are a must :) They have beautiful pictures of Yuzu and contain his words from different interviews. For those who buy these books there are available translations (click here). The royalties from these book are donated to Ice Rink Sendai. <3 

    Yume Wo Ikiru ("Live the Dream") contains Yuzu interviews from Ice Jewels Vol. 1-7 magazines (2015-2018), afterword by Yuzu + it also has beautiful pictures. 


    Some people upload recommendations of the magazines, you can have a look and maybe you can decide which one do you like the most (here and here).


    Anyway, we have a Magazines and Books Recommendations and Reviews thread as well, where you can read more about the topic here: :68271262:




    Hope it helps!

  4. 2009 opening of sendai outdoor rink Yuzu and Mari
    General Yuzuru Chat
    2 hours ago, Yuzu_legend said:


    This is the first time I see this interview, could any kind soul:tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw:  please translate a little bit what Yuzu said? :smiley-angelic001::smiley-angelic001::smiley-angelic001:

    This is an excerpt from a news segment aired in 2008. It's a report on the opening event for Sendai Winter Park, a winter-only outdoor rink. Yuzu took part in this event with his teammate Mari Suzuki, who was going to compete at Junior Worlds 2009 with Yuzu.

    Here is the full clip:




    A rough translation of the interview after their performance (05:27~):
    Interviewer: How do you feel? (t/n: about your skating)
    Yuzu: Well... Although I was a bit nervous since the ice was smaller than usual, I could skate well without any trouble, any mistake, in particular, so I am happy.
    Interviewer: What about you, Miss Suzuki?
    Mari: It was so much fun since I skated on the outdoor rink for the first time.
    Interviewer: Actually, they are both going to compete at World Junior Championships in February. Miss Yaginuma, could you give them a message of support?
    Junko Yaginuma: They are both in the stage where one can develop themselves rapidly, so I hope they can bring out their full potential without holding back. Gambatte kite kudasai! (=Do your best!)
    Interviewer: And from their sempai, Mr. Honda!
    Honda: Well... the word "Gambatte" makes skaters most nervous, so... I just hope they'll enjoy skating there, showing what they can.
    Interviewer: Indeed. Thank you, skaters! That was a great performance!

  5. Yuzu's journey up to finlandia 2013 R&J eng subs
    General Yuzuru Chat
    4 hours ago, peach-blossom said:

    Thanks for making this! I especially loved PW in etude, the contrast between the peppy modern music and the elegant costume was just 👌


    I found a documentary of the 2013-14 season on youtube, does anyone have an eng sub version? Although I must confess that I still watched the whole 25 min video even without subs...




    Thread of Compilation of engsub documentaries/interviews overtime:


  6. H&L17 from many broadcasters
    General Yuzuru Chat


  7. Review 19/20 season
    General Yuzuru Chat


  8. Yuzu 2010/11 aged 15/16 eng subs
    General Yuzuru Chat
    3 hours ago, Faithyu said:

    Hi, everybody,
    I just stumbled across this video by chance.

    Do you know if there is a version with english subtitles?

    That would be so great, almost 45min Yuzu content I have never seen before.:smiley-love017:

    Future of Tohoku, I think?


  9. Yuzuru aged 15/16 yrs
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hi, everybody,
    I just stumbled across this video by chance.

    Do you know if there is a version with english subtitles?

    That would be so great, almost 45min Yuzu content I have never seen before.:smiley-love017:

  10. 4CC2020 RT Chopin 050220
    [2020] 4CC (04-09.02) - Practice, Fluff and all the In-betweens


  11. photos 2013 to present
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Might have been already posted or probably you have seen them somewhere else, but I love these photos of Yuzuru for about 10 years by Number Web :68556365:




    Especially this photo always makes me smile :tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:


    Japanese Junior Nationals 2009:  1st: Yuzuru Hanyu, 2nd: Kento Nakamura, and 3rd: Shoma Uno





  12. EX Seimei/Otonal JapanNats2019
    General Yuzuru Chat


    MOI SEIMEI including Otonal encore:img_20:

  13. Nam and Yuzu hug SC19
    [2019] GP Skate Canada - Men Free Skating



  14. Fancam ACI19 FS Yuzu
    [2019] CS ACI Men - Free Program

    I don't know anyone posted but ORIGIN 4K FANCAM!!! This looks so real, his upper body movements are so expressive and well controlled, and his knee bend is softer than my pillow :loveeyes:



    Btw, the ice looks so clear and from this fancam's angle, you can easily see the 4T and 3A3T are fully rotated by slow-mo as he landed right at your face lol.


    Here my screenshots of where the tip of his blade landed by 0.25 slow mo:


    4T (5:49):



    3T (7:02)


    Fancams are so convenient :embSwan:

  15. Masquerade edit
    General Yuzuru Chat

    "The best of" Masquerade




    I must have missed my editing program because I couldn't resist the urge to make the best angles/moments edit of Masquerade using clips from all 4 shows (mostly Makuhari and Toyama though). I had hard time deciding between the 3F and the split jump and finally decided to keep both :laughing:  That's why there are a couple of seconds that are not a perfect fit to the music and some rough transitions.


    But it looks pretty awesome anyway, if I dare to say so! 


    (And now after 3 days of listening to it over and over again  "MasqueRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE" is going to be stuck in my head for the next month.)

  16. Media day Origin
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Throwback to last August because I just watched this again and I AM HYPED for more Origin. This Origin. Give us this Origin, Yuzu, pretty pretty please!




    If he upgrades his layout like he wants to, and does this version, we might also see the complete lunacy of him getting negative GOE on ChSq if he does this Origin because the entire thing is one choreo sequence, jumps included, and there is no separate choreo sequence. Imagine it, free programmes are so lacking in proper choreo sequences that they cut a second stsq and made i a chsq just so there would be something and this perfection of a programme wouldn't have that. And would probably get penalised for it. It's actually kinda hilarious.

  17. BBT for Toyama broadcast 15.6.19 - link
    Fantasy on Ice 2019 in TOYAMA
    25 minutes ago, faeline said:

    I remember I posted this before... Is 15 June broadcasted live? Is this channel available on iSakura?




    that’s the website from bbt ! Can’t find the channel on isakura but I can’t read Japanese so i don’t know if the channel is available 

  18. Interview Sizuka Yuzu after Sendai FaOI June 2019
    Fantasy on Ice 2019 in SENDAI

    Pino has uploaded the video on DailyMotion :)


  19. Asahi tv broadcast Fantasy on Ice 26.5.19
    [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice in MAKUHARI 2019

    Here is the full video! The quality is as good as I could get it :tumblr_inline_mg16f1RxCn1qdlkyg:


  20. Origin - fan edit with full music
    Media Day 2018
    4 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

    A fan-made music cut/image training for Origin. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:



    There were tears 😭 that was gorgeous!

    some fans are so clever!!!!

  21. Origin - second edit
    Media Day 2018
    4 hours ago, OonsieHui said:

    Also how does this have only 64 views??? I know one of us made it... maybe add Yuzuru Hanyu into the title so its more easily found? More people should appreciate this wonderful compilation clip! 

    Yes, I've set it to private because I'm afraid it might contain some mistakes. And actually I have already found one - the first spin, after 3Lo, is actually likely to be the 2nd one which is after hydroblade; and the 1st spin was likely skipped. So this is the current version - I have reedited spins, add some new milliseconds :agree2: and polished it a little bit. The move at 1:17 is inserted at random position just because it's beautiful and I didn't want to lose it xD (anyone has any guess where it belongs?) So do you think I should open the video?


  22. nijinsky music art on ice
    Media Day 2018
    10 minutes ago, Vadrouille said:

    Hello I am quite ignorant about the music of his FP. I know Nijinsky is the name of a famous Russian ballet dancer. Nijinsky is also the name of the free program of Pluschkenko skating to in 2006. But who is the composer of this music? Is he Tchaikovsky or someone else?  

    I like to listen to the audio of this music of FP.


    HERE for just the audio of the Plushenko's Nijinsky music. The composition is from music that was cut and compiled from these:


  23. Origin - possibilities
    Media Day 2018
    37 minutes ago, bsshka said:

    Couldn't read the whole thread yet, so probably smb has already done this, but I couldn't wait to see the whole program and tried to put all pieces we've got together:tumblr_inline_n2pje39gH11qdlkyg: Got almost 3 minutes of the FP:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: But actually have no idea where step sequence should be, it's just my guess (and there can be other mistakes).

    THanks so much for this :thanks: :tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw: it gives us a much better picture of the possibilities of the programme, it's just beautiful

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