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  1. BBT for Toyama broadcast 15.6.19 - link
    Fantasy on Ice 2019 in TOYAMA
    25 minutes ago, faeline said:

    I remember I posted this before... Is 15 June broadcasted live? Is this channel available on iSakura?




    that’s the website from bbt ! Can’t find the channel on isakura but I can’t read Japanese so i don’t know if the channel is available 

  2. Interview Sizuka Yuzu after Sendai FaOI June 2019
    Fantasy on Ice 2019 in SENDAI

    Pino has uploaded the video on DailyMotion :)


  3. Asahi tv broadcast Fantasy on Ice 26.5.19
    [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice in MAKUHARI 2019

    Here is the full video! The quality is as good as I could get it :tumblr_inline_mg16f1RxCn1qdlkyg:


  4. Origin - fan edit with full music
    Media Day 2018
    4 hours ago, SparkleSalad said:

    A fan-made music cut/image training for Origin. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:



    There were tears 😭 that was gorgeous!

    some fans are so clever!!!!

  5. Origin - second edit
    Media Day 2018
    4 hours ago, OonsieHui said:

    Also how does this have only 64 views??? I know one of us made it... maybe add Yuzuru Hanyu into the title so its more easily found? More people should appreciate this wonderful compilation clip! 

    Yes, I've set it to private because I'm afraid it might contain some mistakes. And actually I have already found one - the first spin, after 3Lo, is actually likely to be the 2nd one which is after hydroblade; and the 1st spin was likely skipped. So this is the current version - I have reedited spins, add some new milliseconds :agree2: and polished it a little bit. The move at 1:17 is inserted at random position just because it's beautiful and I didn't want to lose it xD (anyone has any guess where it belongs?) So do you think I should open the video?


  6. nijinsky music art on ice
    Media Day 2018
    10 minutes ago, Vadrouille said:

    Hello I am quite ignorant about the music of his FP. I know Nijinsky is the name of a famous Russian ballet dancer. Nijinsky is also the name of the free program of Pluschkenko skating to in 2006. But who is the composer of this music? Is he Tchaikovsky or someone else?  

    I like to listen to the audio of this music of FP.


    HERE for just the audio of the Plushenko's Nijinsky music. The composition is from music that was cut and compiled from these:


  7. Origin - possibilities
    Media Day 2018
    37 minutes ago, bsshka said:

    Couldn't read the whole thread yet, so probably smb has already done this, but I couldn't wait to see the whole program and tried to put all pieces we've got together:tumblr_inline_n2pje39gH11qdlkyg: Got almost 3 minutes of the FP:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: But actually have no idea where step sequence should be, it's just my guess (and there can be other mistakes).

    THanks so much for this :thanks: :tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw: it gives us a much better picture of the possibilities of the programme, it's just beautiful

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