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  1. Team we're fewer but still good!

    Well done, Loena!
  2. Team USA

    Shibutanis hope "Paradise" paves the way to gold
  3. Team Russia

    Eteri Tutberidze: Difficult jumps shouldn’t frighten
  4. Team Spain

  5. Hey, remember us?

    More photos of Mao
  6. Team Japan

  7. Team USA

    Karen Chen on her ‘Carmen’ routine: ‘I trashed it’

  9. Team Japan

    Here is an article in English about Keiji: Figure skating: Tanaka injures pelvic muscle, to miss Rostelecom Cup I wish him a speedy recovery
  10. Team USA

    She looks gorgeous!!
  11. [2017/18] Other International Events

    Thank you for cheering me up That means a lot to me I don't think anyone of his team has the power to influence any decision. All I can tell you from a reliable source is that the federation is behind him trying to do everything they can. However, I'm not sure how much they can do... I'm now preparing a letter of appeal
  12. [2017/18] Other International Events

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too, but the situation is worst and I feel depressed...
  13. [2017/18] Other International Events

    I've been keeping in touch with the Swedish Olympic Committee official and I'm also trying to reach the federation. We will hear some news soon, but I believe the final decision will be made after Euros.