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  1. Thank you I read that somewhere back then but I don't remember the source. I just googled it and here is what I found:
  2. He got permission from ISU to perform in a kilt
  3. English translations by Iron Klaus: Former Olympic skater sues Kansai University coach
  4. Pro figure skater Nobunari Oda goes to court alleging harassment by Kansai Univ. coach
  5. Denis Ten murder: Kudaibergenov and Kuyasov sentenced 18 years imprisonment each Suspect of Denis Ten murder: Heaven received worthy angel Killers of star Kazakh skater get 18 years in prison
  6. Two Convicted Of Killing Kazakh Olympic Skater
  7. Prosecutor Seeks 20-Year Prison Terms For Suspects In Kazakh Skater's Killing
  8. Inspector who saw the fight gives evidences in court on case of Denis Ten murder
  9. Robin Szolkowy Joins California Coaching Team
  10. Suspected Murderer Of Kazakh Skater Apologizes In Court, Denies Stabbing Victim Update on the Denis Ten murder trial
  11. Olympic figure skater's murder trial opens in Kazakhstan
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