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  1. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    This past week I've saved more than 500 photos of Yuzuru in Pyeongchang- from his arrival at the airport to the practices, Chopin, Seimei, K&C moments, plushies and medal ceremonies, fluff, interviews, press conferences and media appearances.

    I’ve uploaded them all in this album and I want to share them with you all


  2. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    1 hour ago, kaerb said:

    A bit off topic I’m sorry but does anyone still have tutorials to make origami swans? I’ve finally settled into my student dorm and want to fold some special ones to bless the room, the Olympics and also to take to Worlds. Tried Googling but there are a lot of designs and I really liked the ones the PH members made


    The tutorial that @Aotoshiro posted is very good and if you want a video version, try this :happy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J17qjFLPr0


    (and I'm posting this right after I've just finished making an origami swan :smile:)

  3. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yes do it

  4. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    3 minutes ago, Forcefield said:

    How was Worlds/4cc announced last year? Was there a video/stream? Did Yuzu get announced together with everyone even when he was absent?

    Yep, they announced him with everyone else

    I think this might work? http://mov3.co/fujitv/

    if not there's always fujitv

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