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  1. From Rostelecom Cup '17 I have Memorial, which has 20 pages of Swanyu and gala shenanigans as well. It is a smaller magazine in size but the quality of pictures is good and Yuzu content is almost 100% (the magazine has 125 pages overall). I recommend it.
  2. The tickets are incredibly expensive, not sure how many fans can afford to give out that much money for a competition, not counting travel costs etc. Looking at the poster + the fact that the site is in Japanese too, it's obvious who is the targeted audience, but I am not sure if so many Japanese fans will be willing to go if they can go to cheaper competitons like GPF. For the price of P2 all-event ticket I travelled half across the world to watch the Olympic Games, including all accomodation+travel+any other costs. Even if it was only the men's event, it was the Olympic Games, not a World Championships that happen every year... For comparison, here are the prices for Worlds 2013 that was in London/Ontario: All-event, $1,130 - $1,356 Single event tickets, $90-$220 + Daily practice ticket $20-30 I think there were three categories, gold, silver and bronze. So the best all-event tickets next year will be almost double the price than it was at Worlds '13.
  3. Hi everyone, I moved all posts about Worlds 2020 ticket to its own thread, so that the discussion is not split in different places. It'll be easier to find posts later if the discussion remains in one thread.
  4. I felt sorry for him that he had to WD...What a shame. There were many fans from Germany who went there to cheer for him today. There were many exciting matches though. Pucar vs Niwa was the most exciting! It was also great to see Ma Long, he is so skilled. At the same time, it was a surprise that Fan lost against Liang. I felt so sorry for Tomokazu. Apart from the second game he couldn't really find the rhythm today but still it was great to watch him play, he has so much potential, what a talented player he is. Hope for many successes for him in the future.
  5. I won't get the chance to watch such a big competition in the near future live so I decided to go to the arena tomorrow and root for the men. It's going to be really exciting. Today Xu Xin lost against Simon Gauzy, which was a bit surprising but things like this happen in this sport. I hope Tomokazu will have a great match against An. I'll be also curious about the Chinese guys and also Niwa Koki! Timo will have a good chance against Jang, hope for a good match there as well. I'll bring my binocular, just in case.
  6. Is anyone watching Table Tennis World Championships? I'm watching it and rooting for Tomokazu. The competition is in my hometown and it'd be nice to go there but not sure if I can make it.
  7. I think legally she's still Grinkova-Gordeeva, as you can see it in her instagram bio. Probably for practical reasons she uses Gordeeva in her IG username. Congratulations to Aliona and Liam! I hope she'll have a safe pregnancy
  8. Roman helped young skaters in Saskatchewan
  9. Adorable. I remember when I watched this competition and I saw boobskirt for the first time. The shock It became one of my favourite costumes a bit later.
  10. I have two Hungarian videos, one is Eurosport from CoR '18 and the other one is Origin from Worlds, from the national sports channel M4 (perhaps this was already posted in other threads.) 1. I added subtitles to CoR 2018: I have lots of problems with these commentators (especially with the elder one who is a former ISU judge) and don't agree with many things they said (1. "similar programs" 2. 4T-3T was perfect, still one of the commentators would have given it only a +2, 3. inaccuracies like Yuzu was 4 times at CoR, not three times 4. the kid is not Plushy's son etc...), but at least they were more complimentary during this program than at many other times, and said some very nice things about his skating. Like 4S is undoubtly deserves +5 GOE or that Yuzu is the best skater from the past 50 years (imo if he's the best since the 1960s then he's the GOAT ) 2. The main commentator here is a coach (and ex-ice dancer) who always says nice things about Yuzu's skating. Perhaps you remember him from Worlds '17 when he said that his greatness cannot be questioned and criticized & he said other very complimentary things about Yuzu especially about the quality of his skating and jumps, and his transitions.
  11. I'm sad he's retiring, I will miss him from competitions. Maxim was such a talented skater, but the pressure was often so high on him and sadly he had many injuries in the past years too. It is a bit crazy that he won four Nationals title and he was a three-time Europeans medalist but he never went to the Olympic Games. I wish him all the best in his civil life. I hope so too that they can still meet in the future. He's been really supportive of Yuzu, perhaps because Max also came back many times after injuries. And they're from the same generation of skaters.
  12. Oh it turned it it was not real. I thought it was weird that they chose two extremely similar warhorse pieces.
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