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  2. I'm really just going to repost all the Yuzu gifs aren't I? :))
  3. Still awake and updating social media every few seconds because there is a presscon that we can’t see, but I hope that there are a few more updates about it ! Can’t sleep but should sleep lol
  4. It's the gap! Yuzu's the epitome of gap moe, he's adorable because he has both sides.
  5. I love all of Yuzu's skating.....his SPs with Jeff Buttle are all favourites. Seimei and H+L (his own music selections) are absolutely outstanding! His costumes are delightful....and he has his own style...he walks his own path.
  6. Lol. I missed this and Toronto time was perfect for watching live and that never happens when skating things happen in Japan!!! Darn!! Too distracted watching hockey playoffs... but the boy looks good, happy and healthy, well dressed... what more can we ask for in April??!!! I mean reasonably, lol.
  7. He’s impossibly cute... He kills me without even trying
  8. Yes sleep Um, please stop talking about 4A while I’m trying to stop updating SNS, Mr Hanyu?
  9. Can't choose! and why choose? and agreed about emotional support I'll try to go back to sleep for now
  10. And just like that, we need more emotional support already Zuzu, come back.... Show-off! Yuzu versus shy! Yuzu. Which one is more adorable?
  11. We know you will, so please take care of your ankle. And who knows if his health and the universe allows, he will get his 3rd monument.
  12. I also think it's just a little ironic that the boy had to go as far as Dior in order to get a good fit.
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