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  2. Hahahaha, everyone's belongings are randomly spread everywhere on the floor. Yuzu's suitcase and backpack are exemplarily stowed on the chair
  3. @cvdnce Congratulations!!!! I wish I could have been there!!! Thank you so much to you and each one of your girls. You all have work hard and the result was a truly beautiful and heartfelt performance!
  4. What I was thinking of is an accident that happened on the 401 between Kingston and Cornwall a few years back...a minivan overloaded with passengers lost control and flipped over several times on the way to Montreal. Several people were flung from the van and died Upon the police investigation it turned out to be one of these ride-share type services, operating illegally, and the van they were in had bald tires and was mechanically unsound...I think it's a case of buyer beware. The gas alone for Montreal to Toronto would be more than $10. On the other hand, I don't have personal experience with Megabus.
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  6. There is a rink technically but it’s reserved for hockey classes and like skaters that actually do competitions and stuff, us “casuals” don’t even start skating lessons again until November.. So it’s public skating August to November and nada in June and July
  7. Thank you. I think I am going to continue as long as our ice prince stirs emotions. They could get a bit repetitive one day, but I focus on emotions and keep it simple (in case certain someone who doesn't like English reads them... ). I am really happy for every person who likes my stories. At least I can feel they are useful.
  8. Love your stories. Hope you never stop writing them. Our angel boi sure inspires wonderful things
  9. My favorite for the moment is One Spring Night! I love both lead actors, they look natural and there's chemistry between them! I hate Lee Jung-In's brother in law lol.
  10. Megbus sells their seats this way. The first seat/ticket sold for one trip can be as cheap as $2 (I took one back in 2009 from Toronto to NYC. The return trip was $15). I've had cheapish tickets to Monty (Montreal) quite a few times too (maybe $35?). I haven't taken it since I've moved away from TO (2015) but I trust them.
  11. Me too. I am still looking for Saturday and/ or an all event ticket.
  12. I am also interested in a Saturday ticket or an all event ticket, please. If something comes up, I would appreciate the opportunity very much!
  13. oof, there are no year round rinks around you? I want summer to be over soon too. because of my summer work schedule, I can only skate during crowded sessions now. It makes everything a billion times scarier and makes practice a lot less efficient. But at least I can still practice
  14. In the spirit of Henni147's brilliant 6 quadruple demon gates ... (for those who missed it in the FaOI Kobe thread , they were: 4T - Quad MephisToe 4S - Quad Satan 4Lo - Quad Diaboloop 4F - Quad Firedevil 4Lz - Quad Lutzifer 4A - Quadster of Loch Ness) ... I hereby offer Yuzuru Hanyu's YOLO, Damn-the-Torpedoes, I'm-Looking-at-You-ISU quad arsenal for the 2019-20 season: 4T - Quad You're Toast 4S - Quad Pray for Salvation 4Lo - Quad Don't Loop Now 4F - Quad Think I Give a Flip? 4Lz - Quad Kiss My Lutzcious Ass 4A - Quad Axel Murderer
  15. Hi guys, I’m still interested in getting the Fri. and Sat. or the whole event tickets. Please please let me know if anyone is selling them. Thank you!!
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