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  2. Sota's old-new programs: In other news, Rika still not decided anything, but Hamada team will do their programs this month. Kaori considers recycling.
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  4. I would prefer if he'll reuse his SP though. But as he's abroad from current coach and a lot of uncertainty about season, recycling is understandable really.
  5. It seems Shoma is back on ice in Nagoya (Howa Sports Land). YAY https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/413f297df2758e79ea6aab3c57b801d929b136fa He has not decided yet about the new programs, so used the last season's program this time. I love this program, so I don't mind anyway
  6. it doesn't exist and is very very annoying however SkatingScores compiles many of them into their own format and it's way easier to use, although they get very mad if you download their data
  7. Any indication when these were taken?
  8. So... TOMORROW at the same time, 11 a.m. GMT, we are having Men’s SP. Expecting a lot more people to post tomorrow, please, come! The entries http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1516/gpf1516/CAT001EN.HTM Last time so far when three Japanese male skaters made it to the final.
  9. If you mean the Australian funnel-web spider, I worried for a relative who went to live in Australia with her family, but I read later that thanks to availability of serums since 1981 and a generally slow proceeding, there had been only one death (in 2016) since 1981 due to its venom.
  10. The ninja lives!!! ... and I want one of those bears
  11. Great interview with Serafima Sakhanovich - very honest (but also calm and rational) voice telling volumes about coaching environment and its issues in Russia (and probably not only). Let's listen to the athletes more than those PR wars from more powerful ones. I really felt for her when she said she had a nervous breakdown and ended up in hospital after Plush accused her of laziness and simulating injuries in interview. The ethics of those big figures in this environment are so low it's painful to hear. I hope that gradually, thanks to the courage of those who decide to speak up publicly about their experiences (like Serafima, Katia Kurakova or Betina Popova), this will change for better. https://fs-gossips.com/serafima-sakhanovich-i-had-a-nervous-breakdown-when-plushenko-accused-me-of-laziness-and-simulation-of-injury-in-his-interview/
  12. Ksenia and Fedor I liked her dress for the SP more Nice combo incredible speed this was a skate to remember, really!
  13. Yuko and Alexander Manfred ouch on falls on two first jumps fantastic lift, but they won't stay on top for now. She looks shocked after the skate.
  14. Meagan and Erik 3Lz landed! step out on a throw the first pair not to have skated without falls?
  15. Julianne and Charlie fall on a throw - but it was tilted straightaway otherwise a respectable outing.
  16. NEXT Julianne Seguin/Charlie Bilodeau Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford Yuko Kavaguti/Alexander Smirnov Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov
  17. Xiaoyu and Yang ouch, a fall on the entry 2A1A sequence what a fall off a throw, ouch a nice spin. A nice lyrical pair. I wonder why they decided to reshuffle them later.
  18. Alexa and Chris fall on a twist hell he fell on a 3S the 3S throw was nice both fell on 3T the second throw was nice I'd be scared to look down on the ice from that height. that's another cool lift they look exhausted. was there a side by side spin? ouch, too many falls.
  19. Cheng and Hao was that a 4Tw attempt? ouch on that 3S throw 3S is off too - she severely underrotated it 3Lo throw - another fall well. It didn't quite work.
  20. Ouch... and I didn't order yesterday cuz I thought maybe wait for Kiss and Cry, hope it will be on cdjapan later again, will not think twice then.
  21. Zagorski/Guerreiro will recycle both their programs. Also, Tiffany said that if folk RD will happen somewhere in future, she wants to do program related to England, her homeland. https://matchtv.ru/figure-skating/matchtvnews_NI1197059_Na_pervyh_trenirovkah_v_Rossii_ja_oshhushhala_seba_kotenkom_s_bolshimi_glazami_Intervju_Tiffani_Zagorski_dla_Match_TV long interview with Tiffany about her career
  22. First group: Cheng Peng/Hao Zhang Alexa Scimeka and Chris Knierim Xiaoyu Yu and Yang Jin
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