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  2. I'm thinking that order was only a vague preliminary plan...
  3. Hi, guys, I missed the whole thing huhu but damn he looks totally gorgeous!!!!
  4. I am so nervous, this is going to be an interesting season.
  5. Anyone else having doubts about that 4lz, then 4f, then 4a order? Trying to be realistic and only anticipate the lz for next year but maybe he'll take most of the summer off to get lz and a?
  6. Sendai Monument Reveal Sendai / Japan 20.04.2019
  7. The 4A is not a dream but reality now? please, how am I meant to sleep more haha
  8. With that statement, Yuzu's fans are all awake at night wondering about his 4A plan. Who needs sleep and hair.
  9. I'm really just going to repost all the Yuzu gifs and videos aren't I? :))
  10. Still awake and updating social media every few seconds because there is a presscon that we can’t see, but I hope that there are a few more updates about it ! Can’t sleep but should sleep lol
  11. It's the gap! Yuzu's the epitome of gap moe, he's adorable because he has both sides.
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