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  2. You are absolutely right! It was in combination, my memory played tricks to me. Thanks for the correction. Anyway, quite gutsy and clever for Alysa to go for that strategy. This shows the way some people try to explore all the options available. I almost was dissapointed that my fave 3A ladies (read Rika) did not think of it first.
  3. all of a sudden his hands seem much more interesting if they weren't already taking up half of my attention
  4. i wonder how he can be hot even just writing something maybe because the way he's presented here makes him seem so much more mature (not necessarily older, but the mature vibe is there lol) i'm sorry please excuse my thirsty comments
  5. It's probably none of my business, but was it ever announced how much Yuzu received for the Citizen endorsement? Given that the ESPN 100 estimated (probably conservatively) his endorsements this time last year as over 13 million US, it occurs to me that it would be pretty amazing by now...
  6. Exactly my thoughts when I read the article. But my heart was happy and pleased while reading. They really had no trouble in stating “No one like him has explored the limits of figure skating and that is why he is the best in history”. Plus they called him a genius...nothing new to us but nice to read it!
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  8. No, she didn't do solo 3A in the SP because it's not allowed. Solo jumps are prescribed for juniors, this season it was 3Lo. So Alysa had to put the 3A in combination. As for Yuzu it'd be way too risky to put 4A in the SP, it would only make sense in the FS.
  9. Oh, he deleted the images ....
  10. if you observed him a lot, he always held others’ hands from the bottom. Apparently a person who always has a habit of putting his hands from below strongly wants to lead and take initiative. Oh yuzu... 🥺🥵
  11. I’m waiting to see what will be the price of the ‘yuzu’s watch’. Citizen has said back in April that it is in designing stage now. I’m not sure if it will incorporate Yuzu’s idea but I guessed so if the watch is to be associated with him.
  12. And the hanyuconomy continues... 3400USD for an autograph... They sure know how to make money
  13. New Nishikawa Campaign. Love those photos.
  14. Alysa Liu (or her coach) did something similar - a 3A as a solo triple and a 2A as the axel jump in the short. It was unusual but legit.
  15. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the NNN show from 180114 with English subtitles. I have the original video but was looking for a translation mainly when Yuzuru talks about the editing of the Seimei music. If there are any other videos of that with English subtitles I would take that as well. Also I know there is video of him in the car talking about the music as well so I would also be interested if there are any English subtitled videos of that.
  16. Yuzu is special. I am sure his many Chinese fans would LOVE to see him win his 3rd OLY gold in Beijing!!
  17. Sure - it could be the solo quad. (Or in the combo, but the thought of that... ) The risk of doing that is that it needs to be very stable to avoid having invalid jumps. If he pops to a single Axel, he gets no points for it, much like at 2019 Worlds when he popped his solo quad to a double. Popping it to a 3A would then make his solo 3A invalid (I think?) due to it being a repeated jump, or force him to do a 2A instead for his planned Axel (and use the 3A as a solo triple) which he apparently can no longer do. (Edit: or I suppose he could YOLO a different solo quad where he has the 3A planned.) He could pop it to a 2A and it wouldn’t cause any layout issues, but it would be a huge decrease in BV. (But oh, the irony if he did that.) Overall, unless the 4A gets incredibly stable, it probably won’t be worth the risk to have it in the short, IMO.
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  19. Thank you! And still about 4A and the short program rule, can it make the required "triple or quadruple" solo jump? (As it cannot be the Axel element.) It would make a "special Axel short program". Sorry if my question is stupid.
  20. I'm sure Chinese audience will support Boyang too but from little I saw from weibo (different polls, number of fan-groups), I think Yuzu is still much more popular. And I find that in such sport like FS it's more natural to cheer for an athlete not from your country, cuz in some way it's still an art and not just higher, faster, stronger. And they also have S/H to go for that gold in pairs.
  21. Plus, he knows that he has to keep the 3A in good shape too. Senior men have to have either a 2A or 3A in their short program. Yuzu’s smart, he knows better than to put that gorgeous 3A of his at risk.
  22. No, no, he's already sacrificed 2A for this purpose
  23. On Team Russia, @rubyblue posted an interview of Serafima Sakhanovich, and reflecting on their considering that someone learning a quad usually loses the corresponding triple, I am now afraid when Yuzuru Hanyu jumps his quad Axel in competitiion, he may somehow lose his wonderful triple axels?
  24. So Gabby is back for another season. That's good. About Asher Hill....I had no idea of the story until CBC Olympics covered it this week, and his point is correct: making a statement of support means nothing if the actions don't match. As for the Brampton club assigning it's own internal investigator who sided with the perpetrator and didn't do a proper investigation of the racism directed against Asher...I hate to say it, but that kind of cronyism is very common in amateur sports clubs, in my experience. Most of them have a clique or three that try to run everything and crush anyone who gets in their way/doesn't "fit in"/isn't their idea of the 'right' kind of athlete. I've seen similar behaviour in swim teams and soccer clubs and sometimes it takes athletes leaving the club en masse to effect change...anyway, that kind of thing is all the more reason for sports governing bodies like Skate Canada to take complaints seriously and investigate them correctly. So there's multiple failures at different levels here, the racism is only the beginning. Another example: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/hockey-is-not-for-everyone-akim-aliu-nhl
  25. Interesting, Tuktik. https://www.rt.com/sport/490765-elizaveta-tuktamysheva-evgenia-medvedeva-canada-reasons/
  26. I love this sentence: "The judges "radiograph" each element in a scoring system that rewards the most complete athlete." So this is what Spanish newspapers naively believe, what skating fans pray for every day and what just doesn't happen in reality. This is so sad. I wonder, if Yuzu will get the chance to be rewarded properly one more time in his career. The last season, where his scores pretty much reflected his quality was 15/16 and maybe the first half of 16/17. I wonder why. Might have something to with a certain skater, who turned senior and beat Yuzu that season... @rockstaryuzu I wonder how popular Boyang in China is, compared with Yuzu. I really don't know. But 290 mio views is quite something. It's 20% of the Chinese population. Not easy to beat, even for Boyangman. #Footnote: Of course, I will root for Yuzu, if he decides to compete in Beijing. But if there's any other skater, I would be very happy for, it's Boyang. His raw technique is one of the best in the world and he gave so much to the sport. In PyeongChang he was really close to the podium and finished in that unfortunate fourth place. I wish him with all my heart to be successful at home and win a medal at least.
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