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  2. I... what? I... WHATEVER LORD TROLLZURU This means a longer blackhole period right? A blackhole period of: Is he or is he not? 20%? WHAT SONGGGGG??????!!!! We're all going to be until then right?
  3. This article doesn't say he will do ACI this year. It only says he competes at ACI every year. Obviously the writer doesn't know anything about this year. We have to wait for JSF to announce the participation of all the Japanese skaters in B comps.
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  5. If fans have to wait till Skate Canada, skating sportsdom will implode with seething tension.
  6. He really is the Master, isn't he? Every time we think he can't come up with something to drive his loyal cactii even crazier.... he does. I thought at first it meant he would be repeating Otonal/Origin and therefore didn't have new programs to show, but he did have a media day in 2018, didn't he? (of course, the report could be wrong, or he could take pity on us...)
  7. I erase this situation from the cosmic memory!!! ...... ..... .... ... .. . What did I erase? I don't remember anything... Nothing happened. NOTHING!!!! I need my media day!!! Give it back!!!
  8. Hmmm...Something must be kept a secret all the way till ACI...cant risk a single leak...I wonder what
  9. Imagine how we will hold our breath during ACI (probably) practice and follow his every move to guess what new programs he has or at least genre of them! Then Zuzu takes starting position and music starts: ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXANNE
  10. now everything will be revealed at ACI? Costumes, programs, and layout.... Is he doing 4A or not... The condition of his 4Lz? We won't know until September? Fine.. I'm... Fine....
  11. @Veveco I know everyone already said this but thank you so much for all of your efforts, time, leadership, organization, and creativity! This turns out a lot better than we could all have imagined. I love all of the drawings and design! Love everyone's participant! Thank you again this is really amazing work.
  12. Noooooooooooo! I didn't think of that . I withdraw my earlier comment. Although you must admit it looks better on Pengui-San than on Nate...
  13. Is it wrong that I was suddenly reminded of those everlasting Vera Wangs? Because if ever there was penguin suit:
  14. @Veveco Finally had a chance to take a look at the posted .pdf. You did such an amazing job! Thanks for putting in all that effort.
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