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  2. Harder than getting tickets to WC. Well, I need to be unrealistically optimistic---at least I can watch it on TV from far away.
  3. 22nd-24th November Sapporo Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena http://nhk-trophy2019.jp/
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  5. Thank you for all the effort Kaaaaaaat. And congratulations to the winner Hi guys, I'm still looking for Fri. and Sat. tickets. Please let me know if you or anyone has tickets for Fri. and Sat. Thanks a lot!!
  6. Source? More info? Anything? Argh!! LOL thanks, we posted at the same time, it seems. Okay, June 21st it may very well be, then. Guess I can sit back and relax. Actually, I can sit back and relax, regardless. I decided I was upset enough about missing both Finnish and French GPs last season due to sad personal circumstances, that I might just as well make up for it and buy tickets for the French GP. So I did. I don't really care who shows up (although am partial to Papadakis/Cizeron and the Russian and Japanese girls), as long as *I* show up.
  7. They say tomorrow. This tweet claims it’s tomorrow https://mobile.twitter.com/kovko2011linux/status/1141565712424722432?s=21
  8. later as in a few hours behind when we expected it or later as in not this month?
  9. Iirc last year Japanese Nationals was a general sale through Lawson and it was more difficult to get tickets to than to WC.
  10. The GP assignments will be announced later, it seems. They delayed it...
  11. I just realized there's a whole lot of DMing I need to manually do to notify everyone so I'll just put out the announcement here: winner has been contacted and both tickets have already been sold and sent. I wish I had tickets for everyone who needed them though!
  12. The tickets are sold through Lawson or "Pia" ticketing services, in several stages. We should probably discuss this on the community/ticketing section but here is a website showing the available info from last year's tickets. There is no info yet on tickets for this year's event. It's not a lottery, but will probably be tough to get a ticket. https://scramble-talk.com/zennihonsensyuken2019-62186
  13. Tracy is just so comforting and calming to listen to
  14. I'll be in Japan around that time too, but have never attempted to get tickets to Japan Nationals. Is there a lottery like for the other events in Japan and if so, when is it held? Think with it being in Tokyo, it will be very hard to get tickets this year. I'll asked by son to give it a try, although I'm not optimistic!
  15. Lottery is closed! I'll let you guys know via DM if you won or not.
  16. This year's Japan National Figure Skating Competition will take place in Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo. The old stadium is undergoing earthquake-resistant structural enhancement construction, which will be completed by end of November. The first live competition I attended was in this same Yoyogi stadium back in 1977, for the World Championship. This was the event where Sano Minoru medaled (bronze) - the first time for Japan in the men's singles division. I remember more clearly the performances by the Soviet team - Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev for Pairs, and Kovolev for men's singles. Don't recall much of others - I am sorry, it has been such a long time! It's a beautiful stadium designed by Kenzo Tange, with an exterior that resembles the resting wings of a gigantic mythical bird and an interior filled with light filtering through the soaring ceiling (see the description and photos on this link). Surely a fitting setting for the Return of the King! https://www.archiweb.cz/en/b/olympijske-haly I am hoping that this year, Hanyu-senshu will stay healthy and finally be able to compete in the nationals. Yoyogi stadium will be a special place for him to perform, especially in this run-up to Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I wouldn't be surprised if Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike were to attend the medal ceremonies. Since I am planning to be home in Tokyo around this time, I asked my sister (living in Tokyo) to do her best to obtain the tickets for us. It will certainly be a challenge, but well worth the effort. If we do get the tickets, I will do my best to report to you from the field! https://www.jiji.com/sp/article?k=2019061900887&g=spo
  17. I got an all-event pass, but I can't stay for the gala. For anyone getting single-day tickets, I'd be happy to hand off my pass on the last day of competition so you can attend the gala (for free). PM me if you're interested!
  18. In a bit of a daze right now. I bit the bullet and got my all-event ticket for World's. Ugh, so expensive! My poor wallet. But at the same time, I'm sooo excited about going to my first World's!!! Crossing everything that Yuzu will be there!
  19. Hi Kat, I was wondering if it's okay for me to also join? I'm also looking for Sat. tickets Many thanks!!!
  20. Hi Kaaaaaaat, Yes, I would still like the Saturday tickets! Thank you for giving out this opportunity!! I really appreciate
  21. This is the FAIREST way of selling tickets, please count me in, thank you! (I hope I'm still on time
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