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  2. FaOI Sendai special goods! Available at the venue and online as well 🙂
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  4. What worries me, is that there is no exact link for buying tickets. Skate Canada only says online: Tickets are available at www.montreal2020.com Does that mean that when the tickets are for sale the 31st, that there will come a link to where you can go to? And then hopefully you can choose your seats in the Venue Map.
  5. Apparently i'm the only one who thinks that Rika's new choreo looks like Beautiful storm's choreo. The layout seems fab. Welcome to the newcomers 4S and 3F-euler-3S.
  6. Its still new program for her, she performed this after 2 weeks of getting choreo if I'm not wrong. Maybe it can be improve later, i just hope i won't end up like her last season"s LP. Agree about Rika's.
  7. How interesting. I've a very old addition of the book from when I was young but never knew this story.
  8. My thoughts are actually the opposite. I like some of the character they provide to the program, although it could be better and might improve. It's the way she's performing currently that I dislike. In that *particular* case, I don't think she'll have the direction she needs with Raf. Rika's was just a practice skate, so I'm holding judgement on her performance there. But I agree the choreography has potential.
  9. Marin's LLL is ok, alot of poses but it suit her. The choreo is very Lori, very genetic. I like Rika's stsq, the transition into 3lz and 3lo. The program is very new and raw, I can't wait to see how it develop as the season goes. I hope they tone down the arm movements, it look abit busy at some points ( the same problem with beautiful storm). The layout is demanding, the scoring is high if she can skate clean. Aside from Rika's LP, the most interesting music choices so far are Kazuki's SP and Tomoki's LP.
  10. Blue Rodeo Try I have seen them a few times live but really like their older catalogue
  11. Here I posted my first YouTube video ever but I felt like it is my mission that I should deliver Yuzu's thoughtful words to ALL fans - not just for Japanese speakers.    For some reason,  Fuji Television, who organized the event, forgot to give English translations on Yuzu's interview at Small Medals Ceremony even though such a super-good, professional interpreter was present.  It was a very tough process to attend this event because operation made us line up hours very cold outside starting before dawn.  Yuzu's kind and inspiring words flushed away all the negativity for us but I felt so bad for many non-Japanese speakers who attended there too yet could not receive Yuzu's heartfelt messages there.  I took my video from a bit far and know it does not show up-close Yuzu (sorry!) but sound is good.  I just wanted to give English translations to share such wonderful words that Yuzu gave us, all of us! If you expect some videos to see the cutest Yuzu closer, there are some others available on YouTube.  I will be happy if you can feel from my video here - the sweetness and softness of Yuzu's after-the-battle voice, his respect for the fellow skaters, appreciation for us the fans, and incredible passion to his sport.  And yes, he was absolutely brilliant as always! 
  12. Thank you so much for your advice! I'll post this to the video section as well.
  13. Not a fan currently. I like Rika's step sequence (I'm guessing) as it looks currently
  14. Let's face it, the Japanese men in general have the most interesting and beautiful costumes. None of the others come close!
  15. This has more clips of Rika's new free skate, it looks really good! Hopefully we get to see it at FAOI.
  16. Also, Yuzu does have that almost unearthly, not quite human quality sometimes on the ice, a supernatural aura (as some say, almost a living anime) which means he can wear what others can't (Shoma does come close sometimes, and Takahashi, Mura and especially Machida were every bit as ornate at times )
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  18. praying that Rika baby skates clean both programs next season and grab the titles she deserves
  19. From today's clips it really seems it'll be this free skate music (or at least part of it). If it's true then it's a brilliant choice It's something different than what she has done so far, it's very mature and a serious piece of music, I think it'd suit her really well!
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