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  2. The guy doesn't know himself. He could try to go for the performance quality needed, but I think it's too late and he also lacks direction. I'm sure he loves the songs, but nope.
  3. Well I'm listening to "You Lost Me" by Christina Aguilera on a loop thanks to this thread. Great song. Hope Starr interprets it well.
  4. Disappointing choices for Kolyada next season He could do so much better than Scorpions too...
  5. A deplorable choice, if you ask me. I got tired of the song back in the 1990s.
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  7. I predict the ISU gets taken over by Blibbering Humdingers before the GP assignments are out... Oh it's already filled with them.
  8. So for now we can try and guess who gets how many GP events and where they get to go.
  9. It's O Virtus Sapientiaie apparently, in which case I'll be taking donations on the left.
  10. There are some rules like, for example the Top 3 at Worlds can't meet each other in any of the GP events. It also depends on other things, Worlds placement/World Standing/Season's best placement etc. + preferences of the hosting federation etc. We have a new thread here where we can talk about GP assignments:
  11. In around a month GP assignments will be published for the season 2019/20. Those who finished Top 12 (singles) or Top 10 (ice dance) at the previous World Championships are guaranteed two spots and those who are in the Top 24 in World Standings or are in the Top 24 in the Season's Best list are guaranteed one spot. Link to Worlds results Link to World Standings Link to Season Best results GP schedule 2019/2020: Event Date Skate America October 18 - 20 Skate Canada October 25 - 27 Internationalux de France November 1 - 3 Cup of China November 8 - 10 Rostelecom Cup November 15 - 17 NHK Trophy November 22 - 24
  12. I would love to see Zuz in full sparkle mode. Suits FaOI and their fashion choices.
  13. There is that anime ( Houseki no Kuni) about gems that are people...and Yuzu is a known anime watcher...
  14. The section running from Kingston to Toronto also goes right along the lakeshore, so the scenery is gorgeous!
  15. I've been rewatching the K2 since you wrote about it. Currently watching "The Secret Life of My Secretary" and enjoying it more than I thought I would but struggling with "Abyss" not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Our Chan.... What's amiss!!!!! I watched "Dream High" a long time ago. Stand out is definitely Soo Hyun.
  16. I've just seen first 5 episodes from My Love from the Star!!! Omg, I like it so much!!! Kim Soo Hyun is such an eye candy and Gianna Jun is very beautiful too! There's a lot of chemistry between them and I'm a sucker for these aliens, time traveling, fantasy dramas!!! I can't wait to watch more!!! Thanks for the hint, @Louitunes!
  17. Had a kyogen workshop at university this week it was great. When I get to Japan again I definetly have to go see some live performance.
  18. Me too I'm excited for GPF in my country!!! I wonder in wich other GP event Yuzu will skate , I hope another place in Europe I
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