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  2. Link to a video I came across earlier today. Check it out!
  3. Not only they disrespect and robbed him in actual competition but even in a virtual competition too. I mean can they make it more obvious of their bias.I know not to take this isu skating award seriously but the amount of disrespect and bias..even for a non fan of Yuzuru clearly know the description of most valuable skater which is given by ISU themself describe him.He can't catch a break with them.I don't know what ISU try to achieve with this..making Yuzu fan mad and then who is going to attend the competition and follow this sport anymore? and with this covid 19 situation still going on..Lastly if they give the award to other skater than Yuzu ..if i'm the skater i will be embarassed to accept it when everyone and even the nominated skater know the description of the awards fits Yuzu..End of my rant..Sorry for the bad english.
  4. Are the awards that unpopular though? I’m seeing that on Instagram many people are commenting and sharing the awards-related posts...
  5. And that's exactly what we will NOT do, no matter who will win. Unless you want this farce again.
  6. I wish we could just pretend it doesn't exist but the ISU actually minimizing Yuzu's achievements by LYING about them just feels like too much. But alas. I'll try not to outrage where they can see and count and it as "engagement" -_-
  7. I’m dreading these awards so much It’s quite likely they will give Nathan MVS, and the outrage that follows will be huge and things will get ugly T_T
  8. I made an arrangement for "Telework" i.e. remote work from home on July 6th....solely to fight for this clear file. In the last two campaigns of Nishikawa, it was extremely difficult for me to take part in on line fighting shopping at noon at work place with my colleagues constantly talking to me, so... Still, I'm not confident, at all. The internet of my house is quite slow..... Re: clear files, don't you use them at work??? I use them, a lot! Not only me, but as far as I know, here in Japan, everyone uses them a lot at work. We need them when sending papers by interoffice mail, when keeping pending papers, when bringing papers to the conference room, etc...Of course, I usually use plain clear files at work, but the color has many variations. I prefer clear, blue, and green files. Yuzu's clear files are for the collection, though, just like all of you. I bought a clear file holder, and put all the Yuzu files in it safely. Some of Yuzu files (if there are two copies) are kept in the drawer of my work desk, and I occasionally see them while working to raise my working spirit.
  9. Guys, we have this advantage, that these awards don't have live TV broadcast. An it's the middle of summer. They are litteraly as big as we make them. Being angry at whatever ISU wrote means giving these awards importance. They crave for your attention. Just ignore them.
  10. basically, this. these awards are such a great metaphor for the rest of ISU's clownery
  11. Ohmygosh I love the first picture!! He looks like an angel in the background silently watching over a group of humans having fun 😇
  12. I knew isu was shameless but i never thought it would be this blatant. The DISRESPECT. How dare. How dare. I'm so angry right now. Disgusting.
  13. Today
  14. All of us Japanese fanyus certainly like conversing about him solely in English eta... (quoting myself)
  15. Wait, if we're all Japanese in disguise, does that mean we can order all that Yuzu merch then???
  16. tbh I can see their logic being like "FS was already popular in Japan before Yuzuru" because all fanyus are Japanese (duh), but FS had not been popular in the US for decades and still isn't popular but at least not zero so ... anyway, it sounds like it's already been decided 🙃
  17. Yesterday
  18. The best thing is just to ignore them.
  19. Obviously the Japanese can find many uses for clear files (besides simply hoarding and gloating, which is what I would so). These two - especially the Masquerade one - are... wow.
  20. Ha. Ha. Ha. ISU conveniently not mentioning PC gold and calling Yuzu a "4-time GPF medalist" in his bio for the awards. Anyone surprised at this point?
  21. 1) That's exactly the point... Fortunately, to this date the order page is much too hermetic to non-Japanese speakers, isn't it? 2) That's a convincing proof. 3) Do you mean, there would be no refund even if the buyers were legally forbidden to attend?
  22. Not from the Stockholm organizers. (They seemed as clueless as any of us.) I want to say it was from Ari or ISU. The tweet below is all I could find so if anyone has a better memory than me... My understanding is that it *will* happen again (sigh), the only question is where/when. (I'd love to be wrong though) If the next season is shortened though, it will be even less credible than this year.
  23. ehhh no plz don't tempt me (I mean, I already have the photobook in wishlist together with way too much stuff, but if they release a digital bersion too I won't have the excuse of the shipping costs...) @Veveco I think a fan then shared the screenshot of the reply they got when they asked organizers if gala would be gala or.. like in Montreal. But otherwise, organizers keep mum on their website. It costed nothing to add one line mentioning the format. Not all fans will think about mailing organizers, or know that other fans did..and not all fans know about the awards, if they haven't been on social media. Organizers "forgetting" this rather important detail(*) doesn't bode well You'd think that, if awards were such a GREAT hit with fans, they'd want to use them to promote the gala... but alas Between this and the no-refund policy, it feels too similar to the Montreal scam, with the aggravating circumstances of being amidst a pandemic. Selling non-refundable tickets in August, when borders can get closed in matters of weeks or even days... This kind of behaviour says a lot about how much organizers(&ISU that let them organize their event like this) care about the audience *(instead of a 2-hours long ice show --> skaters in formal attire waiting to get some award and only a few of performances in a corner of the rink that might as well be on the opposite side of where one buys a seat, depending on sheer luck) re: clearfiles I didn't know what they were LMAO it's another knowledge I got after becoming a Yuzu fan I use one of those I got in Turin (to keep more Yuzu stuff I got there) The rest are for contemplation only and I'm scared I'll scratch them, so I just keep them stored away most of the time LOL
  24. I am mostly collecting them, using one or two when travelling, also for study papers sometimes.
  25. long interview with Betina Popova about her career and future plans https://matchtv.ru/figure-skating/matchtvnews_NI1208995_Jesli_by_ne_moje_naigrannoje_razdolbajstvo_ja_by_ne_spravilas_Slozhnaja_istorija_odnoj_talantlivoj_figuristki_v_monologe_Betiny_Popovoj
  26. collector items for the most part, for myself. I do use a clearfile of Yuzu at work: for my timesheets and vacation paperwork(most of which was oriented around Yuzu)
  27. Okay - time to ask this question - I LOVE the clear files I've been gifted by other satellites, and i'd like that Masquerade one, too - but, what is the purpose of a clear file? Other than collecting them, is there a specific purpose for a clear file? I keep travel papers in one (back when travel was something that people could do) but have been curious forever on what the actual usage of these are? And why so popular in Japan? I know why the ones with Yuzu on them are popular, I'm just asking about clear files in general.
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