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  2. https://www.ticketmaster.fr/en/pack/pack-journee-vendredi-cdm-de-patinage-artistique-ticket/idpack/2409 Check the grey box at the top with the disclaimers:
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  4. hello, i was looking through the prices of the tickets for worlds, but i found no information on reduced tickets. does anyone know the age requirements to get them?
  5. Time schedule Results page List of entries: Women Men Pairs Ice Dance Emily BAUSBACK (CAN) Madeline SCHIZAS (CAN) Alison SCHUMACHER (CAN) Wakaba HIGUCHI (JPN) Mana KAWABE (JPN) Mai MIHARA (JPN) Haein LEE (KOR) Alena KOSTORNAIA (RUS) Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVA (RUS) Kamila VALIEVA (RUS) Karen CHEN (USA) Alysa LIU (USA) Keegan MESSING (CAN) Conrad ORZEL (CAN) Roman SADOVSKY (CAN) Morisi KVITELASHVILI (GEO) Keiji TANAKA (JPN) Sota YAMAMOTO (JPN) Makar IGNATOV (RUS) Alexander SAMARIN (RUS) Evgeni SEMENENKO (RUS) Jason BROWN (USA) Nathan CHEN (USA) Tomoki HIWATASHI (USA) Vanessa JAMES / Eric RADFORD (CAN) Lori-Ann MATTE / Thierry FERLAND (CAN) Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINARO (CAN) Wenjing SUI / Cong HAN (CHN) Zoe JONES / Christopher BOYADJI (GBR) Minerva Fabienne HASE / Nolan SEEGERT (GER) Daria PAVLIUCHENKO / Denis KHODYKIN (RUS) Ashley CAIN-GRIBBLE / Timothy LEDUC (USA) Piper GILLES / Paul POIRIER (CAN) Marjorie LAJOIE / Zachary LAGHA (CAN) Haley SALES / Nikolas WAMSTEEKER (CAN) Olivia SMART / Adrian DIAZ (ESP) Lilah FEAR / Lewis GIBSON (GBR) Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI (ITA) Diana DAVIS / Gleb SMOLKIN (RUS) Elizaveta SHANAEVA / Devid NARYZHNYY (RUS) Christina CARREIRA / Anthony PONOMARENKO (USA) Caroline GREEN / Michael PARSONS (USA) Index
  6. Practice, Fluff & all the In-betweens ISU GP Skate Canada 2021 ISU Grand Prix Vancouver / Canada 29.10.2021 - 31.10.2021 All pre-comp discussion, practice reports, as well as fluff and other in-betweens during the competition goes here! Competition threads for all disciplines will be opened separately. Date Event Location October 22 - 24 Skate America Las Vegas / USA October 29 - 31 Skate Canada Vancouver / CAN November 5 - 7 Grand Prix of Italy Turin / ITA November 12 - 14 NHK Trophy Tokyo /JPN November 19 - 21 Internationaux de France Grenoble / FRA November 26 - 28 Rostelecom Cup Sochi / RUS December 9 - 12 Grand Prix Final Osaka / JPN *times listed hereon are in your local time Instructions for Streaming Live QQ Hosted and commentated by Hua Hua (also formerly known as pandaguy?) Good quality the user comments flying across the screen can be turned off with a toggle on the bottom right of the video
  7. Translation of another comment from the Polish Eurosport commentator (I really like this lady so much): "In the competition of female soloists, there is also a fight between the strength of youth and the beauty of maturity. Honestly, I will always defend the maturity. I pay tribute to youth and to these incredibly difficult jumping elements - it is really something wonderful, but I have real joy, satisfaction and emotion during such performances (referring to Satoko's SP)".
  8. Does anybody know when the 72 hours kick in? Is it the moment the swap takes place or when the results are being released by the lab?
  9. Lately, in Japanese speaking part of Twitterverse, musicians are sharing their experiences under the hashtag "#演奏中に起こった事故" (which means "an accident I experienced during a performance") and Kotaro Fukuma, who worked with Yuzu in FaOI and MwW, shared his episode about Ballade No.1. "I have had to suspend my performance twice until today. The first time was in March 2015, during my first recital at Salle Gaveau, Paris, when a recording of my past performance suddenly got played in the auditorium. The second time was in October 2016, during a recital in Hamburg, when an old audience sitting in the front row fainted from anemia. Strangely, on both occasions, I was playing the Ballade No.1, written by Chopin. 😱 However, in July 2015, I could perform this piece to collaborate with Mr. Yuzuru Hanyu in an ice show in Japan for a surprise performance, so in my mind, this piece is not a "cursed piece of music" but a piece that is precious to me. ☺️ " [NEWS]
  10. Realistically, Satoko isn't a threat to any of the judges darlings (on BV and UR calls alone), so her low PCS is all the more outrageous. It's just a petty power play at this point.
  11. ALL : I just savored this video and I and everything you say the woman is true compared to the details that have not seen !!!!! I have never bought anything outside of France and it is this one : https://www.amazon.co.jp/スポーツニッポン新聞社/ dp / 4910319034 / ref = pd_sim_12 / 356-7440161-0211522? pd_rd_w IpP9n = & = pf_rd_p e2d8154e-eaa7-4e5c-92b5-da933ded21eb & pf_rd_r SYX5PXS1GG8VS0J9HRRD = & = pd_rd_r d5d0133d-30c7 -4a4f-809d-b76a5c1fb102 & pd_rd_wg = Zab7v & pd_rd_i = 4910319034 & psc = 1 : but the price is in Yen (normal for the Japanese Amazon site) and I don't know what it is in € ?? and if there are any who know it, please tell me and also, I think? (and "if" I buy it, it will depend on the price and shipping costs too) that my bank will "transform" my € into Yen !? where i write to santa claus Why also this rocket? and OK with the StSq4 For Yuzu's birthday, I would like to do it : but I don't have twitter and FB ......
  12. Here is the information about taking the test at the airport https://aer.aero/en/airport/press/news/passengers-can-take-an-express-pcr-test-for-covid-19-in-sochi-airport/
  13. So you can use the test for 72 hrs, after then you will need another one which will be valid for 72 hrs. I will use my test result (in English) to enter the venue on the first day and get another test immediately on the same day so that I can use it for the next 2 days. You can have a test done at the airport upon your arrival, but they are closed at certain hours. It's all on the airport website
  14. Ok so can I also use my test from Germany to enter? How would we get the QR code?
  15. So I called parter.ru and they say that you need a PCR test which is valid max. 72 hrs for entry in the venue. Which means that at some point we will need to repeat the test in Sochi. The person I spoke to says that we can go to any clinic to get a test. My wish to see Yuzuru skating live is being tested so bad and we deserve to see the 4A in compensation !
  16. Good, shame the judges. Won't change much, but still, Satoko deserves judges to be shamed.
  17. Catching up men free skate. Some notes about Nathan - empty as always, referring both to choreo and emotions; he seemed very absent; inetersting to see that judges this time weren't so generous with GOE even for succesfull jump (still much more generous than for many other skaters but not as much as we've seen before); I really dislike this "modern" choreo sequence, arms movement particually are quite awful; he's obviously repeating solutions that worked for his brand in recent years but not in an ambitious way; a very common strategy, so I can uderstand that, but I don't think it's interesting enough to bring any excitment in olympic season even for his enthusiasts - judging from the domestic audience reaction.
  18. Just watched episode 2 tonight so $645 for a plain white T-shirt that looks like it came out of one those Wal-mart 3 packs. ETA: apparently a green ribbon represents mental health awareness Seeing "cute" Jin reminds me that he's so often compared to Jisoo but his look reminds me more of IU - not so much in features but in the innocent aura that they project. cr: unknown Jisoo vaguely reminds me of Mao Asada - mainly because of the face shape, eyebrow shape, nose, and slight cross eye cr: unknown It's nice to see our guys' music out there, but tbh, this reminds me of why I dislike medleys in general. Spring Day cut with Butter and Boy with Luv? - ick.
  19. Including a photo of me when I was in bed the next day moping around?
  20. Bring along all the proofs of your getting vaccinated. All of them.
  21. Yes I think going through Parter - can one of our fellow satellites who speak Russian help with this? I have an "NHS vaccine passport" from UK with a QR code on it, but I think we will need to follow advice above posted by @riversong as none of us outside Russia will have had the Russian vaccine.
  22. Just got the email too. Does anybody have an email from the organiser or should we reach out to Parter directly to clarify this, you think?
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      Im a baby fanyu, discovered Yuzuru around December 2020 and now i wanna learn as much as I can about him. So whatever knowledge you have LAY IT ON ME!!!
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      Yuzuru performing white legend and hana ni nare again is just.... literally everything that i need right now
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      I am a new fan, I came accross Yuzu a week and one day ago, yes I take count. The first video I saw was his pyeong chang free skate program and I loved it, it caught me in and then I naturally got interested on Yuzu. Every day he amazes me more even if I am watching the same video over and over again. I just love his sense of musicality, the way he is one with skating, the way he controlls music and how he moves his body as he is creating the music along to his movements and let's not talk about how he is as a human being because I'll start a huge monologue. He is just priceless and unique, I want to get to know him better and see more of him, waiting still for it. Hope I get along with Planet Hanyu members!!!
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